2012 Presidential Election

The incumbent, Sam Morris, is unable to seek another term under the 22nd Amendment. His Vice President, Gary Nolan, is the Republican Candidate and Henry McShane is the Democratic candidate. Nolan's Vice Presidential candidate is Senator Nick Hammond. McShane's Vice Presidential candidate is Governor Gillian O'Neil.

Neither Nolan nor McShane are members of any secret societies, but Hammond is a member of MJ-12 and O'Neil is an Illuminatus.

MJ-12 is aware that it's about to lose it's hold on power in the US. Even if the Republicans win, Hammond will not be able to cover up their operations the way Morris could. The Military Intelligence Bureau is moving its assets to off-the-record sites and is preparing to transition from government agency to illegal conspiracy. By the time the new President has access, Area 51 will be nothing but a disused air base.