NB: This 2059 exists as a consequence of Kaori Tamakeri's meddling in the timeline circa 2009-2012. It is not the original timeline that led to the Theta Wars. Can the Theta Wars be averted? And if so, is it worth it?

In 2059, the Pyramid rules the world. Following the Nuclear War in 2012, where dozens of major world cities including Delhi, Islamabad, Karachi, Mumbai, Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai, Ottawa, Toronto and Washington DC were annihilated, the world was in chaos. In response to the crisis the Illuminati and MJ-12, after almost half a century of secret warfare, formed an alliance. When the dust settled the Illuminati controlled nuclear submarines and MJ-12 bio-engineered stormtroopers were able to seize control of the surviving world governments. The consolidated leadership of the two groups formed the Council who, in the absence of anyone capable of stopping them, became the singular government of the planet.

Nearly fifty years have passed. Vast arcologies tower about radioactive wastelands. In Munich, the Pyramid rises tallest of all, its sleek obsidian walls gleaming in the sun. Within the Council control the world. Not all of the world submits to the rule of the Illuminati however.

In the Middle East, the Hashshashin move amongst the people. From the disparate strands of Hezbollah, Hamas and Al'Qaeda, Muhammed Al'Shahazed, the Hashshashin Grand Master, has forged a sword to plunge into the heart of the Illuminati. Their rule is not the rule of Allah and he knows their empire cannot endure.

In India whispers tell of the Nine Unknown Men and their enlightened students, working tirelessly to topple the Pyramid. The Illuminati cannot catch them, whispers say, for, when cornered, they vanish.

The islands of Japan are protected by a kind of energy field. When the Nuclear War began and nuclear bombs began to fall, a sphere of flame seemed to form out of mid-air to shield Japan. For 45 years, the field held, preventing all entry and exit. Only in recent years have the Japanese begun to emerge from their seemingly invulnerable fortress, piloting bizarre humanoid war machines. Is Japan the best hope against the Illuminati or merely another oppressor, eager to subjugate the world?

In Britain, the terrorist organization known as PENDRAGON frustrates the Illuminati at every turn. Led by their apparently uncatchable leader Merlin, they have managed to make it almost impossible for the Illuminati to feel safe in Britain. Is it possible that soon, Britain might join Japan as the second free state in an un-free world?

Lastly, in the mid-Pacific, something ancient has stirred. After the Nuclear War, a group called the Children of Dagon emerged, preaching the Gospel of the Elder Gods. Many of those suffering from radiation sickness from the fallout, whom the Illuminati quarantined as part of their eugenics program, flocked to the teachings of the Children. Now from their flotilla of broken, obsolete and decaying ships in the mid-Pacific, they seek to awaken their gods.