2059 Special Vehicles

Kronus Patrol Vehicle(52vp)
The Peacekeepers of 2059 patrol the streets in these armoured hover-cars.
Manueverability: 5
Speed: 22
Soak: 6
Hit Points: 20
Defence Bonus: +3
Passengers: 3/6
Weapons: HEL Cannon
Extras: Hover-Vehicle
Drawbacks: Conspicuous

Rhea Heavy Walker(184vp)
When the Illuminati need to send a message, they send in the eight-legged Rhea Walkers to supress resistance.
Manueverability: 3
Speed: 8
Soak: 10
Hit Points: 60
Defence Bonus: +5
Passengers: 10/20
Weapons: Plasma Laser, 5 HEL Cannons
Drawbacks: Conspicuous