Acolytes of the Self

A Russian occult organization founded in the 1920s by a group of Rasputin's former apprentices. They were bound by a core belief that all people have both a right and a duty to learn magick. As such, they were (and for many former members, still are), one of the few groups in the occult community who actively try to wake mundanes up to the reality of the supernatural (with limited success due to the existence of the Veil. This evangelical philosophy quickly brought them into conflict with the Cult of Shakath, who then, as now, seek to hoard magickal knowledge in order to protect their own power. This secret war was fought relatively evenly for more than 20 years, but the German invasion during World War 2 destroyed much of the Acolytes power base in Western Russia. In the post-war period, the Cult entwined itself with the Ministry for State Security or MGB (later to become the KGB).

These two development boded badly for the Acolytes and they spent much of the subsequent period hunted by the Cult of Shakath, while the Cult went on to become the dominant power in the occult communities in St. Petersburg and Moscow. It was only after the fall of the Berlin Wall and in the wake of the vastly reduced power of the KGB that the ragged remains of the Acolytes were able to flee West, where they became part of the newly formed Agency.

Meanwhile, a small group of the Acolytes, under the leadership of Kysenia Vladlena chose to seize the chance to expand their power while the Cult was reeling. A hastily agreed cease-fire between the two groups followed and it was upon these shaky foundations that Vladlena began to build her strength.