Adolf Hitler

Hitler has OAGS stats.

Adolf Hitler (1889 - 1924, 1945, 1948, 1960, 2148) was the leader of the Third Reich. He is one of the most significant figures in modern history, both occult and mundane.

Like Hugh Charlesworthy, Adolf Hitler fought in the trenches during the First World War. It was during this period that he was attacked by a French werewolf and lost his left testicle. Legends say that that was regurgitated in the Albert Hall in Britain soon after, though it is unlikely to be true.

During the 20s, Hitler became involved in the politics of the German far right, participating in an attempt to overthrow the German government and being jailed as a result. It was in prison that he wrote his book Mein Kampf. Following his release, he joined the Nazi party, became leader, was appointed Chancellor in 1931 and finally, in 1933 became both President and Chancellor of Germany, consolidating these posts into the office of Führer.

Hitler's Deaths:

Hitler has been killed many times however the time line has been changed many, many times and he just won’t stay dead:

  • 1924 - Hitler is assassinated by Albert Einstein in attempt to avert WW2 and the Holocaust. However, Himmler’s SS Zeitkommando prevents this timeline becoming permanent.
  • 1960 - Hitler is shot by Hugh Charlesworthy as he dines in a Cafe in Vienna. The SS Zeitkommando rescues his brain and keep it alive in a jar.
  • 2148 - A joint operation between Chrono-Force Elite and the Hiroshima Aruki Chrono Soldiers finally manage to destroy the 200ft robot inhabited by Hitler's brain as it rampages through downtown Tokyo. This timeline is later aborted through the manipulations of Industrial O'm during the Theta conflict.
  • 1948 - Hitler battles the Department T Operations team in his suit of powered armour at the height of Extended WW2. This is the apparent final death of Hitler and marks the end of [Extended?] WW2.
  • 1945 - Hitler apparently commits suicide as the Russian army closes in on Berlin. This is the version of events recorded by history. It is unknown how this fits in with his apparent death three years later.
  • 1959 - In an alternate universe Hitler dies of advanced syphilis. He is succeeded as Führer of Greater Germany by Heinrich Himmler.