Advanced Xenotech Weapons

These are the sorts of weapons employed by far advanced races in relatively stable societies, such as the Trilians and Thiealek. They are also likely to have standard advanced weapons as well, but these ones have a particularly suiting 'alien' flavor.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are a favourite of the Theialek forces, as they are somewhat less able with ranged weapons.

Micropiston Blade: A compact handle loaded with tiny pistols that propel a hidden blade at atrociously high speeds into its victim before reeling it in for another strike. Can be used as a ranged weapon, however this causes it to break.
Laser Lance: A long, green energy-projection spike propelled from a silvery handle that is used with a shield much like a Greek short spear. Can be thrown, though you'll have to go and pull it back out of your enemy if you do.
Tesla Blades: Used in pairs, these blades project an arc of electricity between their tips. If both hit the enemy in the same attack, you can choose to leave them in him. If you do, they cause him to take -2 pain penalties and 12 electric damage at the start of his turn until they are removed. Particularly effective against robots.
Ten Ton Weapon: A hafted weapon that incorporates sophisticated gyroscopes in the thick part of its 'business end' allowing for superhuman impact with only effortless swinging.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Micropiston Blade +1 One-handed Ignores Soak, Subtle
Laser Lance +4 One-handed Half Soak, Cannot use a weapon in other hand
Tesla Blades +2 One-Handed Electric, Tesla Blades
Ten Ton Axe/Hammer +14 Two-Handed -1 Defence

Ranged Weapons

Trilians prefer ranged weapons which allow them to take advantage of their incredible eyesight.
Turbo-Rifle: The standard weapon of a Trilian soldier, the Turbo-Rifle fires specially designed "turbo-penetrator" bullets which cut through armour efficiently while still being quite damaging to unarmoured opponents.
Turbo-Pistol: The turbo-pistol is the standard Trilian side-arm, firing the same turbo-penetrator rounds as the Rifle.
Turbo-Sniper: Used to disable powered armour targets in a single shot, the turbo-penetrator sniper rifle does lots of damage to the target, blasting right through any armour. The recoil suppressors and sophisticated computerized scope allow it to be fired easily on the move
Turbo-Executioner: A cut-down version of the Turbo-Sniper, designed for concealment and short range, while still being capable of killing the target with ease. Used by Trilian black ops.
Projected Energy Weapons: Weapons that fire shards of the same energy projection technology as their shields and lances, the Theialek have designed a small amount of weaponry for side arm use and for their 'marksmen'.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Turbo-Rifle 10 Two-handed Two shots, Half Soak
Turbo-Pistol 9 One-handed Half Soak, Quick Draw
Turbo-Sniper 20 Two-handed Long Range, No Soak
Turbo-Executioner 18 Two-handed Quick Draw, Subtle, No Soak
Stun Pistol 15 One-handed Nonlethal, Triples Enemy Soak
PEW Pistol 14 One-Handed Doubles Soak, Laser
PEW Shotgun 16 Two-Handed Two Shots, Short range, Triples Soak, Laser
PEW Sniper 30 Two Handed Long Range, Heavy (Str 2), Laser

Defensive Items

High technology not only brings you new ways to kill people, but new ways to stop other people from killing you!

Theialek soldiers and often adventurers are provided with a forearm-brace that can projects energy. It can be programmed to project two of the following shields:
Projection Shield: A basic shoulder-to-knee round shield of projected energy. Optimised for standard head-on melee tactics.
Breaker Shield: A shield that analyzes the enemy's melee impact speed and force, using that data to repel the weapon again into a certain direction for easy countering.
Grabber Shield: Rather than a shield, the armbrace projects a third hand that attempts to 'catch' incoming melee attacks. When you pass a melee defense roll by 2 or more with this shield active, you must roll off on strength against the attacker. If you win, their weapon gets dropped on the floor. If you lose, the fight continues as normal. If you have the disarming flourish martial art, you can choose to keep hold of the weapon instead.
Energy Wall: You project a thin, body-sized wall of energy that protects your front from incoming fire. Can be used on the move for less painful headlong rushes.
Artillery Beacon: You project a shield that relays pinpoint co-ordinates to the nearest friendly orbital ordinance, artillery, or rangefinder. Its operator can then command it to fire upon your location. Its shields will attempt to protect you from the incoming bombardment, but probably not. At least you'll die a hero!

Weapon Ability Bonus Handedness Special Rules
Projection Shield +2 Defense One-handed +4 damage with shield bash
Breaker Shield +2 Defense One-handed +2 Hit with shield bash
Grabber Shield +2 Defense One-Handed Grabber Shield
Energy Wall +2 Defense One-Handed Resistance: Bullets, Fire and Lasers
Beacon +0 Defense One-Handed 10 Soak vs Splash, Area or Large Area attacks, Cannot move

Other Defensive Items:
Rangefinder: Comes in either Turbo or PEW flavour. A one-handed pistol-shaped device that fires a subharmonic 'mark' at its target. Ranged weapons of the corresponding type subtly move to align themselves to this mark, increasing accuracy. Anyone firing upon enemies hit by a rangefinder with the corresponding mark are at +1 to hit.
Trilian Riot Shield: This shield, typically used by Trillian Police, provides a +4 Defence Bonus.