Alice Allard

Alice Allard (1964-1992, 1992-) is a Israeli-British vampire and was a senior member of the Agency. Her codename was Tau and she was in charge of the London-based Intervention teams. She attended St. Todd's college, Oxford with Julian Adler and was part of his group of friends who he introduced to the occult. She graduated in 1985 and spent five years serving in the IDF, where it is rumoured she as a member of Sayeret Matkal, the Israeli Special Forces. She was honourably discharged and helped to found the Agency in 1990.

In 1992, during a raid on a vampire nest, Alice was fatally bitten by a vampire. The vampirism virus resurrected her and she managed to rescue the rest of the team. Although it took several months, Alice managed to control her blood addiction and now subsists entirely on animal blood (mainly orangutan).

In 1995, Alice become section chief of Tau-section and she served in this role for 14 years until the dissolution of the Agency in 2009.

Alice was one of the most talented practitioners of Krav Maga in the world and developed a style of sword-fighting designed to be used as part of Krav Maga, based on 16th century Italian styles.

She is the Agency's liaison to the Royal Council of Free Vampires, where she is known as Lady Tau of Camelot. Seperate from this, she runs a weekly meeting for vampires who have or who are trying to give up human blood. When in a snarky mood, she sometimes calls this Vampires Anonymous.