Allies and Enemies of Hugh Charlesworthy

Allies (partial list for my own sanity, I might add more later):

Mr Stephens
The Operation H team
Lord Ethan Blackwood
Albert Einstein
Winston Churchill
John Steed
Horatio Steed
Field Marshal Montgomery
Sir Mansfield Smith-Cumming
Admiral Sir Hugh Sinclair
Lieutenant-colonel Sir Stewart Menzies
Sir John Alexander Sinclair
Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson
Vlad Green
James Bond (Cold War Era)
Elizabeth I
George V
George VI
Elizabeth II
Comrade Spachemen


John Drake and Office 66 of MI5
The Agency (Tentatively)
Hitler: Winters Form
The National Socialist Party of Germany
General Adams
SS Zeitkommando
Industrial O'm
Heinrich Himmler
Henry Morgan
Genghis Khan

Other Contacts:

These are other people who are amenable to Hugh, though won't normally go out of their way to help him and won't think twice about going against him if it fits their agenda.
Silke Weiß
Jack Steen
Lord Malfortune aka Robert Blackwood