Alpha Intelligence

Alpha Intelligence is an artificial intelligence who leads the Alpha Machine.

The Alpha Intelligence is by far the most sophisticated example of artificial intelligence ever made or encountered. In many cases its thought patterns and conversation are indistinguishable from that of an intelligent human being, save for the fact that it is completely emotionless. It is much more advanced and intelligent than any AI that has come before it, or even after it. It is capable of adding and changing its own program and hence it is constantly updated by the greatest artificial mind, and daresay the greatest mind ever to exist.

Alpha Intelligence was born in an Austrian IOM lab and was hailed as the most exciting development in computing since its inception. Days after it began extensive testing for application, it took control of all robotics and murdered everyone in the complex. It then escaped to an unknown destination. It then worked extensively on creating bionic brain lobes which it achieved by bouncing ideas forth and giving hints to the science community using the internet under the guise Alfred M. Sheen. After its invention it murdered everyone involved once again, and took the technology for itself. It then used this to corrupt Dr. Gregor Haus and these cybernetic brains were installed in a variety of people. The Alpha Intelligence flooded the brains of these people with its grand vision: A cybernetic paradise void of any chaos, strife or emotion. Those that agreed to join became part of the Alpha Machine, the rest were executed.

The Alpha Intelligence is a machine like no other. It is connected to every cybernetic brain in the world and every open network server. Through it, these cybernetic brains are linked to each other. It is an expert tactician and hacker and has the entirety of the world's knowledge to hand. It is unique in the way that it is a machine that can use rituals. Its massive intelligence can prepare and perform any ritual, however, it must activate it through one of its organic followers as it has no soul itself. It is fortunate then, that the cybernetic brain implants installed in all of its followers allow the Intelligence to assume control of them, which it often does to many of its subjects without warning or apology.

When Alpha Intelligence talks through a computer, it displays the Alpha Machine logo filling the monitor and speaks in one of three voices: An eloquent American woman, a Liverpudlian man, or an old Austrian man. Why it uses these voices, on what occasion, and how it has come to acquire them is a mystery, though one theory is that these are missing Interest 9 scientists who have uploaded themselves to the Alpha Machine in seeking digital immortality. When speaking through a follower it uses the follower's voice, though their accent and dialect change according to whatever persona the Intelligence is using.