Alpha Machine

The Alpha-Machine is a secretive organisation who strive to establish a cybernetic society. They are a faction in the Theta Wars.


The Alpha Machine is the youngest conception of all theta factions, born when the other five factions were beginning to bare their teeth. In early 2111, an experimental Artificial Intelligence program was written in Industrial O'M's European compound in Austria. It was said to be the most perfect example to date, a breakthrough, even. Days after it was complete and due to beginning testing, all robots being manufactured and prototyped there up and left, killing anyone who was in their way. All data was deleted, including the new AI, dubbed Alpha Intelligence. This was explained away as a hacker terroist attack, though the truth is that the Alpha Intelligence took control of the entire ocmplex and sabotaged in within seconds. The intelligence itself and all data from the compound was carried out in a cleaning droid and reuploaded in a seperate mainframe, again stolen from IOM.

From there it lingered, gathering interest in all bionic and cybernetic technology and offering insightful contributions to science and technology communities under the name Dr. Alfred M. Sheen on behalf of the Alpha Institute, inspiring a couple of breakthroughs. In 2112 the one particular breakthrough it was looking for was crudely bought into being: partial cybernetic brain replacements being performed by none other than the Time Nazis. Like IOM before it, the Alpha Intelligence stole all research, prototypes and information, killing anyone who was involved. This reseach was again worked upon by the intelligence, who had turned out to be somewhat a science expert and released a finished prototype delivered to local unscrupulous bionic-surgeon Gregor Haus in an anoymous box. It wasn't long before these parts found their way into the heads of lobotomy patients, who benefitted from exeptional calculatory abilities, improved memory and their own mp3 as ringtones. Another benefit was that the Alpha Intelligence could take control of their brains, and thus bodies, at any time. So began the Alpha Machine.



Those who follow the Alpha Intelligence, machines under the control of the Alpha Intelligence and the Alpha Intelligence itself are known collectively as the Alpha Machine. Their first and foremost belief is that all society should become cybernetic - lobotomising away the useless parts of the brain and replacing them with superior technology. They work towards living in a world void of useless emotions, nonconformism and the strife it brings. They intend to usher in Homo Superior, the next stage in human evolution by these means. They also press cyber-enhancement of any and all parts of the body. Alpha Machine also denounces any kind of religion and spiritualism as they are useless to Homo Sapiens and even more useless to Homo Superior. It is not against the aquisition of magick, so long as it is treated only as a tool to be used, and not worshipped.


The Alpha Machine has no lands of its own, nor does it desire any. It is a network of robots and humans with enhanced cybernetic brains that spans the entire globe.

Metal Brains

The cybernetic lobe implants on Alpha Machine following humans are perhaps the most sophisticated piece of technology the world has ever seen. They are allegedly a technology invented and perfected by Gregor Haus which in turn saved his life when he sustained brain damage. Everyone who follows the alpha machine has their frontal lobe replaced by the primary artificial lobe, which includes all of the Alpha Machine core indoctrination, programming and features, and also permenantly voids them of any emotion. Removal of one's human frontal lobe removes the possiblity of ever manifesting telepathic and mad science psychic powers and disruption of the limbic system removes the possiblity of using pyrokinesis and healing. Cybernetic enhancement of hearing and vision removes mediumship and precognition, and replacing the temporal lobes removes the ability to use telekinesis. The Alpha Machine value the psychic powers, and urge psychic followers to only replace the psychic parts of their brain if necessary, save for the primary artifical lobe powers.


The Alpha Machine is a very secretive organisation, and as such has no open conflicts since not enough people know about them to fight with them. They often have very secret espionage battles with various organisations who seek control of the Illuminati and various millitant conspiracy theorists. They often clash and collude with other theta factions.


Alpha Machine is concerned with the advancement of cybernetics and establishment of a cyberneural society. To this end, they are heavily invested in the manipulation of Interest-9 and the Illuminati. Their heavy involement in cyberneural and bionic advances awards them a respectable number of I9s in their ranks either knowingly or not. They are rather influential on the Illuminati since a fair number of them consider Alpha Machine's brand of thought regulation a genuine final solution to world stability and unity.

Theta Wars

Here follows a list of Alpha Machine's rivals in the Theta Wars and their relationships.
Time Nazis: Time Nazis are rampant and agressive, and stop at nothing to establish their own ideals and fascist society worldwide. They are a dangerous menace to world stability. Defecting Time Nazis make brutally effective operatives, once lobotomized.
Chrono Force Elite: While CFE's goal is also to bring humanity together, they base this unity on faulty ideals and false promises of freedom, as opposed to AM's faceless assimilation plans.
Industrial O'M: The Progenitor organisation of Alpha Machine, they are no longer of any use to them. Alpha Machine operatives are particularly ruthless in their 'recruitment' and 'neutralisation' of problem IOM personalities. Alpha Intelligence seems to have a paritular vendetta against them;.
The Master Church: Another Illuminati faction, the Master Church are run by useless emotion and creed. They control powerful sorcerors who are valuable to AM once lobotomized.
N: Similar to the master church as far as AM are concerned, various savants and sorcerors are valued 'converts' to their cause. Their base is impenetrable, so this is a rare occasion.
Hiroshima Aruki Chrono Soldiers (HACS): Though not a theta faction, HACS are very interested in crushing the Alpha machine and reaping all they know. AM are a particularly insidious enemy as much of Japan harbours Interest-9 members and their supporters. Time Agent Ogawa Hatsuharu is the time agent assigned to rooting them out.
Department T of British Military Intelligence: Enemy of all Theta Factions, Dept. T are aware of AM, but are murky about their motives and operations. They often help AM rather than hinder as dead Time Nazis are relevant to their interests.