Angels are a race of incorporeal spirits native to Heaven. They are naturally incorporeal but are capable of possessing the living. On rare occasions, angels become incarnate: both fully corporeal and fully incorporeal. This is supposedly the true form of angels but only the most powerful of angels can do so within the material universe and it is permitted by the Treaty only under certain, extremely rare circumstances.

Angels are divided, politically into two factions; the Loyalist faction, led by God who are attuned to the energies of Heaven, who are sometime called the Forces of Light and the Rebel Faction, led by Lucifer who are attuned to energies of Hell, the Forces of Darkness.


When incorporeal, angels appear as winged humanoids made of golden light. While incarnate, loyalist angels appear as genderless humanoids of exceptional beauty with white feathered wings, while rebel angels often appear as horrific beings with large bat-like wings (though they have been known to appear in the same forms as loyalists). Incarnate angels have been known to strike those who look upon them blind.

There appear to be five kinds of angel;

Wingless angels are, according the Loyalist Angels, "not capable of surviving amongst the sin of the material universe" and never leave Heaven. They make up the lowest ranks of angels. Vast numbers of wingless angels on both sides were annihilated during the Great War.

Two-winged angels, generally called "common angels" by occultists are the weakest and most common of angels. They make up the middle four choirs amongst loyalists, those of (in ascending order of rank) Principalities, Powers, Virtues and Dominations. They are incapable of incarnation in the material universe, instead relying on possessing the bodies of mortals.

Four-winged angels are angels of moderate power. They make up the choirs of Ophanim and Cherubim and are capable of briefly becoming incarnate within the material universe. Beelzebub, Mammon, Belial and other powerful rebel angels are four-winged as is Sealtiel, commander of the Loyalist forces in our universe.

Six-winged angels are angels of great power. They make up the choir of Seraphim. Only six angels hold this rank at any one time- currently, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Azrael are known to be amongst the Seraphim, along with two other unknown angels. Save for Lucifer, no angel who has been promoted to being one of Seraphim has ever fallen.

The Metatron is a twelve-winged angel and the right hand of God. Michael is currently the Metatron. Lucifer was Metatron before his rebellion and still holds the attendant power (and wings).

The Seraphim and the Metatron together are referred to as the Archangels.