Anna Smith

Anna has OAGS stats.

Joanna "Anna" Smith is an operative of The Agency. She was recruited to the Agency directly out of university as vehicle specialist and worked as an operative in a London-based intervention team led by Nick Slater. In 2007, during an attempt to capture the illusionist Vivian Gray, she was fatally shot by Slater as a result of Gray's illusions.

Anna persisted on the material plane however as poltergeist linked to the intervention team's tank. She agreed to continue working for the Agency and both she and the tank were assigned to Omega Team when it was formed, where she worked once more under Slater's command.

After an incident in Mexico where three members of Omega team disobeyed orders and attempted to disable the rest of the team, Anna was promoted to the rank of section chief and placed in command of Psi Team.