Arthur Moriarty

Arthur has OAGS stats.

Arthur Moriarty(1978-) is a psychopathic criminal mastermind. Born in Chicago to Victor Moriarty and Isis Cain, his first experiance of murder was watching his father beat his mother to death when he was 5. At the age of 9, he murdered his father. The police never suspected that the death was anything other than suicide. By 13, Moriarty had his foster family living in fear of him, as he ran a gang of criminal, many of them more than twice his age, from their small sub-urban house. Arthur made his first million just after his 16th birthday and graduated from high school shortly afterwards. By the time he could vote, he commanded a criminal empire that dominated the city. By the time he could legally drink, he was co-ordinating bank robberies across 5 different states and importanting enough cocaine on a weekly basis to fill a swimming pool.

For almost 10 years, Moriarty lived the high-life. His formidable intellect made it child's play for him to aquire complex skills and his was able to use these abilities to gain an edge of any potential rival. Amongst other things, Moriarty possesses extensive skill with medicine, driving, computers and firearms. While he lacks any formal qualifications, he is also exceptionally well-read and is probably the greatest living authority on all things criminal.

However, nothing lasts forever and Moriarty grew sloppy. His right-hand woman and lover, Katarina del'Sorro, betrayed him and left him without back-up during a bank job in Texas. Moriarty was arrested after shooting a cop. When he tried to phone his lawyer and got no answer, he realized what must have happened. Moriarty shot his way out the the police station with a gun he had concealed in his boot and went on the run.

Three weeks later, Katarina was found floating in her swimming pool while a bullet hole between her eyes. Moriarty never forgives traitors. With most of his lieutenants dead either by his hand or Katarina's, Moriarty has written his criminal empire off as un-salvagable. He is currently looking at something new to try his hand at.

Moriarty currently makes a habit of dressing in a police officer's uniform. As well as being a useful tool for getting civilians to follow orders, the peaked cap and shades help to hide his face which has been on the news a fair amount since he shot up that Texas police station.