Atlantean Kingblades

Atlantean Kingblades are a kind of magickal sword, created by the Atlanteans. As well as being powerful magick weapons, they are also potent symbols of rulership and are associated with several royal dynasties. There were eight such swords made in Atlantis and, since they are believed to be indestructible, all eight most likely still exist somewhere. The most famous of the kingblades are Excalibur and Kusanagi.

The most potent ability of a kingblade is that the kingdom it is associated with cannot be conquered from without so long as the kingblade is within the kingdom's borders. Excalibur has lain within the British Isles since it was returned to the islands by William of Normandy in 1066, causing the failure of both the Spanish Armada and Operation Sealion. Note that if the wielder of a kingblade leads an invasion of the kingdom, carrying the kingblade into the kingdom in the process, not only does this exempt him from this curse, it in fact assures the success of the conquest so long as he holds the kingblade.