Atlantis was a continent that existed in the centre of the Atlantic Ocean. From about 12000 BC to about 10000 BC it was governed by the Empire of Atlantis, a highly advanced civilization. Magick was known by almost everyone and many, many rituals were public knowledge that have now been utterly lost.

Atlantis is the source of many of the most powerful magickal artifacts in the world including the rare Atlantean Kingblades. As a rule, Atlantean artifacts are not just powerful, but also remarkably safe, by the standards of ancient magickal artifacts.

Atlantis was in many respects an enlightened civilization by modern standards. They have equal rights for all citizens, regardless of race or gender, as well as considerable public welfare. Their government was a monarchy until about 10500 BC when it was replaced after a civil war with a kind of meritocratic democracy; only university graduates had the vote and they would cast votes to elect professors of their discipline. These professors would then vote amongst themselves to elect a senior representative of their discipline and these representatives formed the ruling council, who would elect for themselves a chairperson, would hold the title of Emperor.

From about 10300 BC to about 10000 BC, Atlantis was at war with The Theocracy of Mu. This was based on a fundamental incompatibility between their views; the Atlanteans were essentially civilized by modern standards, while the Muans worshipped Az-Ath-Oth and engaged in unsavoury practices such a slavery, cannibalism and human sacrifice.

About 10000 BC, magickal time travel was discovered by both Atlantis and Mu and a Time War was fought between the two sides. The result of this was the sinking of both continents beneath the waves.