All beings with souls have an aura. These are visible to certain beings. While colour is constant, auras move, shift and pulse, slowly and rhythmically when the being is calm, faster and more erratically when the being is agitated.

Human White
Chatuth White.
Xenoforms Red
Gods Blue
Fae Iridescent
Angels Gold
Werewolves Green
Dragons Green
Robots None
Ghosts As in life
Human/Xenoform Hybrid Shifting White and Red
Demigod Shifting White and Blue
Xenoforms/Xenoform hybrid Red
Vampires Blue and black streaks
Robots None
Psychics Purple streaks
Magickally Altered Blue streaks
Being of Darkness Black streaks
True Faith Brighter than normal
Free Agent Silver streaks*
Infected by the Mind Virus A constantly churning mixture of silver, red and purple
Without Iridescent

*Silver streaks are thicker and brighter for those from earlier metatimes.