Aztec Gods

After the fall of Mu, several of its sorcerers making a lucky escape landed on the shores of ancient Mexico and came into contact with the indigenous race of the Nahua. They integrated themselves with these people and rose to positions of leadership due to their exotic looks and magickal ability, which they guarded carefully. They continued their customs of sacrificing humans to their depraved 'god' Ka Tha Lo. Several millennia passed and all were integrated together into the Proto-Olmec culture by 5000 BC.

At this time, the coatls emerged from their portal connection at the bottom of lake Tenochtitlan and found the Proto-Olmecs. Their most forthcoming member was Chalchiuhtlicue, the assigned ruler of Earth. She met with their leaders and tried to convert them to their multiverse-spanning following. Some accepted and many refused. The zealous worshippers of the old gods demonstrated their religion and encouraged her to join THEM instead. Being a compassionate goddess, and disgusted by the depravity their enforced amongst their people, she flooded mesoamerica with her blood, killing all proto-olmecs by decaying their flesh skin and drowning them.

A few years later, the benevolent Lord of Life and Wind emerged from the portal. He carefully summoned winds which blew the blood away where it settled at the bottom of the ocean. From the cleaned bones of the population he raised those who would reject the old gods and assigned their foremost rebel priest, Huitzilopitchli to be the ruler of Earth. Quetzlcoatl infused him with a drop of coatl blood before leaving for his own sovereign world.

Huitzilopitchli was a bloodthirsty ruler, keeping on sacrifices as 'tradition' and gorging himself on the human blood and organs offered to him. He would frequently demand war against anyone and everyone which would lead to his empire collapsing upon itself. He would then use dogma and his priests to quickly 'infect' the next set of occupants of Mexico and begin the cycle over and over. Huitzilopitchli's primary aim was to conquer as much land in the shortest time possible and favored reckless tactics, massive gambles, winning whatever the cost and sending waves of men to their deaths for a small gain. As he conquered more, received more sacrifice and drank more blood, he steadily became more and more obsessed with acquiring more and more to the point where he would swim blood pools and enjoy intense spasms of delight when one of his followers killed someone, or indeed was killed themselves. To this end, he was kept in the prime temple from about 300 AD while elected officials carried out his business in his name.

Coincidal with the return of Quetzlcoatl came Cortéz's landing. Mistaking him for the feathered serpent himself, they led him all the way to Tenochitlan. The fabulous wealth and gold throughout the city made it easy for Cortéz's advisor, Merliz, to persuade him to lay an immediate siege to the city. The Spanish were badly beaten on 'La Noche Triste', but Merliz beat Huitzilopitchli in an epic showdown, shattering him into 21 obsidian pieces which scattered themselves all over Mexico. The portal to Aztlan was sealed soon after.