Belial is a powerful angel of the Rebel Faction. He is Lucifer's lieutenant and the second most powerful amongst the fallen. Before the Great War, Belial was a mere Power, far lower in rank than many of the other high-ranking rebels. It is by trickery and deceit that he obtained his current power, delaying his declaration of allegiance to Lucifer until the War was already well underway and he had been promoted to the rank of Cherub. Some say, though they only dare say it behind Belial's back, that he was playing for time, waiting to side with whichever party looked to be victorious.

If this is so, Belial badly misjudged things, but he seems to have not done badly out of the Great War. He is now the Grand Vizier of Hell, at the right hand of Satan. Belial, unlike Lucifer, is quite happy with the status quo. However, while his enthusiasm for the War on Heaven is largely feigned for the benefit of his master, Belial does has a personal hatred of the Archangel Uriel. Belial was the most beautiful of all beings in existence before the War; the fairest of all angels. But after his betrayal of the Loyalists, Uriel sought Belial out, personally hurt by the treachery of the angel who had risen to be his lieutenant and trusted friend. Belial fled before the might of the Seraph, but not before Uriel cut open the Cherub's left cheek. Although the scar is thin and easily overlooked, Belial burns with the desire for vengeance, knowing his once perfect features have been forever marred; scars left by flaming swords cannot be healed.