Northern Europe, particularly Germany, has always been known to occultists for its abundance of werewolves and those occultists that deal with them either in a helpful or hunting capacity. It is said that Adolf Hitler and many of the SS were involved with werewolves in one way or another and based on this legend, the world's most powerful and influential werewolf pack has sprung forth, led by neo-nazi Johann Skorzeny. Though many operate in different locations, they have a strong presence and following in Germany. Berlin's turbulent last century has stimulated its occult community in dangerous ways, from sorcerers taking advantage of post-war depression, Heinrich Himmler's vast expenditure on occult research for Germany's war effort, to splitting Berlin in half and reuniting it years later. All have contributed to Berlin's ever strengthening status as a a vibrant occult city. The supernatural security of Berlin is currently held in check by a group of Norse Pagans called 'Valhalla', backed by The Agency. Efforts to topple this alliance are led by a group of sorcerers, half-breeds and their minions – the Russian-based Cult of Shakath – that previously held Eastern Berlin have been trying to muscle in since the wall fell. Most conflicts within Berlin are in some part related to this struggle.