The Blitzwulfen are a group of werewolves, organized around ownership of the Blitzwulfen rings; nine enchanted rings that allow a werewolf who wears them to control their transformations and to retain their human mind while transformed. The owners of these rings generally form "packs" of werewolves they have created- while their packs do not retain their human minds, the ring-wearer can generally establish themselves as the pack's alpha and keep them under control. In instances where they cannot and one of the other werewolves becomes dominant, the new alpha will generally take the ring from the defeated ring-wearer.

The Blitzwulfen packs have generally been associated with German mysticism. Certainly Adolf Hitler owned a Blitzwulfen ring during his time as Führer. He left it to Otto Skorzeny following his suicide, who in turn left it to his son Johann. That particular Blitzwulfen pack has therefore consistently been populated by white supremacists. How racist the other packs are varies. At least two others are known to believe in a werewolf "master race", though without such strong associations with Nazism. Two of the others seem to be ruthless and power hungry without any particular political agenda and the sixth is more concerned with the accumulation of obscure arcane lore than any kind of political ideology. Finally, the last three rings are missing. Possibly they are lost, owned by werewolves with no ambitions of leading a pack or owned by pack leaders discrete enough to avoid detection. Unverified reports suggest the Clawed Hand Brotherhood successfully destroyed one of the lost rings in the 1930s.

Johann Skorzeny was killed in 2009 in Jerusalem by Omega Team following his attempt to use zombies as a biological weapon against the Jewish state. His ring was successfully retrieved by The Agency.