Book of Air

The first humans to use air magick were the Atlanteans, who often maintained trade routes with their less noble and enlightened neighbours. Particularly, the Greek islands, Thrace and Anatolia. After Atlantis and Mu sank, the world decayed into ignorance and barbarism. The first great civilization to reawaken the Atlantic legacy was of course the Greeks. As a naval people they sought to control the four winds, and that is where their handful of learned sorcerers focused their studies. Wrecks of ancient temples found near Troy, Thasos, Knossos and Athens, each dedicated to one of the four winds and housed ancient tomes that held the key to wind magick. The most prevalent of these sorcerers was Anilos who achieved wizardhood after visiting all four shrines and divining the word of the four winds. They say he is buried on an island at the apex of the four points.

His works are collected into a single tome that has been copied and translated down the ages. Current translations are pretty useful, though the very best are the ones that still exist today in the original ancient Greek. The ancient temples still exist today, though are somewhat illusive and are not shown on most maps.

Basic Wind Spells

Body Vortex - 2cp
Wind blows and twists in a thin sheet over your body in relation to rises in pulse and blood pressure. These winds are subtle, but blow unpredictably enough to deflect an awful lot of incoming projectiles. You gain +3 defense against projectile attacks.
Body Vortex: Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Body Vortex.

Elemental Control (Air, Minor) - 2cp
You gain some control of the currents of the lower atmosphere and can cause localized mild weather conditions such as a moderate breeze, light clouds or light showers of rain.
Elemental Control (Air, Minor): Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Elemental Control (Air, Minor).

Gale Force - 2cp
You are capable of projecting a blast of wind capable of knocking your enemy onto the floor. Ranged, 5 damage, subtle, non-lethal only. If an enemy is hit, they must pass a toughness test of 2 + the amount the firer beat the receiver by in the marksmanship test or fall prone.
Gale Force: Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Gale Force.

Levitation - 2cp
You may become functionally weightless. You don't simply float away, but can stand on and move around on any object without breaking or collapsing it. Even a thin piece of paper stretched out horizontally can hold you. Any weight added to you adds to their weight as normal, save for reasonably light clothing and equipment (no heavy weapons or armour). While levitating, you take no falling damage.
Levitation: Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Levitation.

Spark - 2cp
You are capable of firing a volatile spark of electrical current at the enemy. Ranged, 10 damage, electricity.
Spark: Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Spark.

Winged Heels - 2cp
Your feet become light as those of Hermes himself. Your speed increases by 4, and you take no damage from falling. You still fall at normal speed.
Winged Heels: Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Winged Heels. Requires forty nine severed dove wings and olive oil. Takes 1 hour to cast.

Intermediate Wind Spells

Borean Breath - 5cp
You can generate winds as severe and cold as the north wind, Boreas, with a mere exhalation. Ranged attack, 12 damage, subtle, cold, half soak.
Borean Breath: Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Borean Breath.

Cradle of Notus - 5cp
For those who take this ritual, the South wind - Notus - is said to protect them from javelins and arrows. Little did the Greeks know the value of such a blessing, for it protects against bullets too. You gain resistance: solid projectiles.
Cradle of Notus: Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Cradle of Notus.

Cursed Breeze - 5cp
It is said that the east wind, Eurus, carried with it unlucky omens for the Greeks. Those in his favor are able to gently direct and suggest the small jinxes bought by his coming. Once per session, you may cause an enemy to fail a single roll they may otherwise pass, or, cause them to critically fail a roll they have otherwise just failed.
Cursed Breeze: Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Cursed Breeze.

Elemental Control (Air, Moderate) - 2cp
In addition to what can be done with Lesser Elemental Manipulation (Air), you may seriously alter medium-scale weather patterns. In any climate, you can cause heat-waves, thunderstorms or blizzards.
Elemental Control (Air, Moderate): Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Elemental Control (Air, Moderate).

Lightning Bolt - 5cp
You are capable of firing a great bolt of lightning causing significant damage to your target. 15 damage, electric.
Lightning Bolt: Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Lightning Bolt.

Wings of Zephyros - 5cp
The most favorable of the winds, Zephyros symbolizes the coming of spring. He is said to dance on the air as elegantly as any bird. The character gains flight, as per the supernatural advantage.
Wings of Zephyros: Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of Wings of Zephyros.

Master Wind Spells

Anilos learned just one word in his tenure as a wizard. Words that have been discovered since are named after Mediterranean winds and associated beings in his honour.

Word of the Four Winds - 10cp
In addition to what can be done with both Weaker incarnations Elemental Manipulation (Air), you may create or stop highly abnormal weather such as tornadoes, tsunamis and hurricanes.

Word of Kaikias - 10cp
You fire a terrifying and destructive torrent of electrical current at your target known as a Mistral Bolt. Ranged, 25 damage, electric, long range.

Word of Sikaros - 10cp