Book of Smoke

An obscure and specific book, Elric's Book of Smoke and Ash is a tome that focuses on combining fire with its surrounding elements: Earth and Air. Elric was a sorcerer who lived in medieval Saxony, a time in which witches were systematically hunted and executed. This was a great cover, as Elric and other actual practitioners of magick would easily manipulate and escape those who might have suspicious against them.

The book of smoke and ash was written in tomes in the middle ages in old Saxon, and these originals have typically been passed down in families either as actual magick books or as amusing and fanciful literature. Since old Saxon is easy enough to translate into Roman and Cyrillic languages, copies circulate fairly regularly in occult circles in Europe. Originals are highly sought after by any serious sorcerer.

Basic Smoke and Ash Spells

The following spells are easy to obtain if one is involved with occult circles. These spells are commonly available in all European languages and some not so European languages.

Obscure - 2cp
On speaking the activation word, you emanate grey smoke from every pore, obscuring your person. Those shooting at you are at -2 to hit, those in melee with you are at -2 defense.
Obscure: Basic Ritual; Grants the augmentation of obscure. Requires a specific selection of deciduous leaves and other magickal components. 12 hours casting time. During the ritual, the leaves are burnt and runes traced in the smoke.

Intermediate Smoke and Ash Spells

Master Smoke and Ash Spells

Word of Billowing Smoke: - 10cp
The caster vanishes, leaving a billowing cloud of choking black smoke. They are reconstituted in a location of their choosing up to 1 mile away next round.