Books of Magick

Throughout the ages, Wizards and Sorcerers have tirelessly researched, refined and codified their magickal findings. This has led to the production of various books and tomes of specialised fields of magick, bound by theme or element. These books have been produced all over the world, throughout all time. Some are well known in occult communities, some not so. For obvious reasons, language is a barrier to those who would research magick, however there are no strict language requirements as it is entirely possible for a mentor to teach a spell to a student perfectly.

Books of Elemental Magick
Zhu-Bao's Book of Fire
Jarek's Book of Water
Anilos' Book of the Four Winds
? Book of Earth

Books of Non-Elemental Magick
Dracula's Book of Eternal Life
? Book of Sand and Glass
? Book of Smoke and Ash
Cerdrtythe's Book of Beast Magick
? Book of Hidden Forces

Books of Unconventional Elemental Magick
Vladlena's Book of Fission
Chen's Manual of Phase
La Tiere's Songbook
Miron's Book of Madness

Miscellaneous Books
Book of Sephan Blessings