Brice, The Shaper

Brice is a sephanus species xenoform woshipped by N and The Chatuth.


Brice was the one of the infant Sephana discovered on the spaceward Mu ruins. It is unknown what species of god she is crossed with. She appears as an indigo-skinned humanoid with body stars and eyes of shifting colors. During her maturation as a Sephanus, she came to be known as the god of change, charged with guiding the rapid changes of the young, expanding Chatuth culture.


Brice is worshipped by politicians, ground explorers and innovators. She is paid tribute for just about any major change a Chatuth might wish for.


Devoted worshippers of Brice tend to be charismatic, and patient but pushy. They are taught to think as broadly as possible, both radically and conservatively, and consider any possibilities in all situations. This makes them fiercely intelligent and experimentative. Both the technology and magic their savants use and implement are always heavily experimented with and modified to the needs of each individual.


When Earth was discovered, Brice rose to take responsibility for its recovery for it was known to be the prison of his progenitor, N. What she had to contend with was the fact that the Earth was inhabited by a race of humanoids they dare not fight. After council with her priests, it was decided that the best course of action was to infiltrate and convert the humans and have them do the work. Most of these humans either had their own religions or rejected spiritualism altogether, so initial conversion was difficult. After study of successful religions on the planet, they decided to produce a half-human, half-sephanus demigod to act as a prophet and provide worshippers with 'miracles' in the shape of their alien magic and technology. Disguised as a human, Brice herself went to Earth and sired a half-human daughter; Rosa Luisa Gales. This demigoddess would grow up to found the Cult of N, wielding alien magic, technology and wisdom.


When the humans discovered theton-based time travel, Brice, who was charged with looking after the Earth, also added time to her godly portfolio.