BrOAGS Non Abilities

This article is part of the rules of BrOAGS.

Animal Intelligence (- cp)
No Intelligence Rank.

  • Fails all Intelligence Checks.
  • Includes Illiterate and Mute.

Immobile (- cp)
No Athletics Rank.

  • Fails all Athletics Checks.
  • Treated as having an Athletics Rank 0 for the purposes of being Tripped.
  • Includes Missing Leg (x2).

Mindless ( cp)
No Intelligence, Socialise or Willpower Ranks.

  • Fails all Intelligence Checks.
  • Fails all Socialise Checks.
  • Includes Illiterate and Mute.
  • Includes No Free Will.
  • Acts on a small number of preprogrammed commands.

No Free Will ( cp)
No Willpower Rank.

  • Passes all Willpower Checks to resist having its mind affected by others.
  • Fails all Willpower Checks to affect the minds of others.
  • Beings with No Free Will may not take Magick Advantages and are treated as things, rather than people, for the purposes of magick.