BrOAGS Training Disadvantages

This article is part of the rules of BrOAGS.

Advantages Disadvantages

[Ability] Ineptitude: -5cp
The character is absolutely blunderous at some particular activity. Perhaps they are cursed, all thumbs or just stupid, but usually it is down to a psychological block. Select a particular Ability and a certain type of Check that uses that Ability.
For that type of Check the character suffers a -2 modifier.
Ability Score -1 for the chosen Ability.
For example, a character might have Socialise Ineptitude [Intimidation] to make an otherwise social character rubbish at bullying the information out of someone, or Willpower Ineptitude [Telepathy] to make a more strong-willed character relatively helpless against telepathic intervention. Inappropriate uses for this ability include things like Melee Inteptitude [Axes] and the like that are easily avoidable on your part.

Computer Illiterate: -4cp
The character cannot use a computer. Even basic tasks like online shopping, emailing or using a word processor are beyond them.

Illiterate: -12cp
The character cannot read or write. Illiterate includes the Computer Illiterate Disadvantage.
Intelligence Score -4.