Bureau 13

Until about the mid-twentieth century, Shanghai was known as one of the great occult cities of the world, rivalling London and Istanbul both in weight of activity and culture. On the rise of communism in China, it was decided that all occultists were enemies of the people and that they must be wiped out. A top-secret office was set up in the ministry of state security named Bureau-13 for this purpose, and they went about systematically dispatching any and all xenoforms, sorcerers, psychics and others offering neither mercy nor quarter. Attacks were sudden, brutal and well resourced. The message was well sent across the underground for those who were not crushed fled to Hong Kong, St Petersburg and Tokyo, both smaller hotbeds of occult activity. So successful were the bureau that nearly all traces of occultism in China had been extinguished within nine years of being set up. To this day they continue to hunt would-be mages and smuggled xenoforms with ruthless efficiency. Their main focus in modern times involve following leads into the countryside hunting warlock cabals and fae of jigaka.

Bureau-13 is also tasked with finding and taking care of psychics within Chinese borders, who pop up more in urban areas. Foreign nationals, psychics already involved in occult groups and those that they just don't think can be controlled sufficiently are brutally murdered. Those that don't are ordered to join their training programme to become bureau members. Those who resist or fail the training are murdered. The few that pass are placed in respected positions in Bureau-13's team until they show the first sign of turning dangerous, in which case they are murdered. All murdered psychics have their brains removed, covered in a special green gel, placed in a specially designed bag and sent to Xue Jiao ltd..

Bureau-13 permit a few very carefully selected and monitored occult-related groups to exist, for the express purpose of using them to weed out potential targets and keep on top of their occult knowledge.

People in Bureau-13

Wen Lim Hou - Chairman of the Bureau. Ex-special forces. Known hotshot in the MSS, and holds a favourable position in the communist party.
Xun Ming Liao - De facto second in command. Also known as Brother Freud.
Mei Jiang - World Grandmistress of the martial art of Wing Chun and highly competent in several other forms. Without. Agency Contact.