Cabal of Mu

The Cabal of Mu is a group of powerful sorcerers who trace their magickal tradition back to Ancient Mu. Their headquarters are in Adelaide, Australia. They are probably the most powerful group of sorcerers on Earth, with a large number of rituals in their libraries and an extensive store of magickal artifacts. In addition, they are the only occult group who have retained to knowledge of how to create golems.

The Cabal also makes use of what it calls "ticktocks"; assassins magickally altered in ways which are not stable long-term, but are stable enough for long enough for them to complete their mission. Ticktocks typically die messily somewhere between a few hours and a few weeks after they are modified as their incomparable modifications tear their bodies apart. Until that happens, though, ticktocks are very dangerous, their only weakness being lack of training; the Cabal is understandably reluctant to turn its top agents into ticktocks.

Their short-term goals seem to be the accumulation of further magickal power, especially those rare rituals which can permanently augment humans with supernatural powers, as well as acquiring as much knowledge as possible about Mu. They worship the dark god Az-Ath-Oth, just as the Ancient Muans did and they seek to rediscover the lost lineage of the Muan royal line, the Children of Dagon.

The long-term goal of the Cabal is to raise the sunken continent of Mu from the Pacific Ocean and to retrieve the thousand of magickal items lost when it sunk beneath the waves. They then plan to establish a new Muan Theocracy across the entire world.

The Cabal's headquarters is said to be the sole Muan temple remaining above water. Within the inner sanctum are eight statues. Seven depict beings of exceptional hideousness, but the last is that of a handsome man.