Chrono Force Elite Team B

Chrono Force Elite Team B are the among the best time agents Chrono Force Elite have to offer. They are picked according to bravery, skill, and wit.

Col. Mick 'Action' Reevs - Team Leader of Team B. He is quick thinking, smart talking, and can co-ordinate the most intricate of operations with relative ease. Is ready to bound into action at a moment's notice. Nationality: American
Lt. Hana Shinzo - Backup leader of Team B. A potent telepath and a dead shot with a pistol. Part of Japan's contribution to US forces according to a re-drawn security treaty as of 2092. Nationality: Japanese
Lt. Jack Steen - All-action, guns-blazing superhero who is irresistible to women. Often breaks rules and defies orders to get the job done. This behaviour often gets a blind eye turned to by both Peppard and Reevs. Nationality: American
GySgt. José Kanyusi - A marine frogman and stealth expert. Nationality: Guatemalan
2Lt. Diana 'English' Winters - A competent hacker and electronics expert who has successfully hacked a Sky Dragon Satellite. Once. Nationality: British