Chakalek is a race of Xenoform influenced heavily by hell.

The alternate reality known as Herilex is one of the many exact copies of earth with radically different lifeforms and histories. The sky of Herilex is dominated by a large white sun about twice the size of ours, a gigantic moon the same size of ours, but much closer, and a second planet in an orbit close to its own which can be seen in the skies for a third of the year called Thielex. Great Mayan-style pyramids and monoliths are erected the world over with stone-wrought cities thriving in their shadow. It is here where the Chakalek cultivate their profane culture.

The burning white sun in the skies of Herilex is called Hadeou and it emits a searing light which is completely unbearable to heaven-aligned beings and any kind of angel. Prolonged exposure literally causes the entity to melt. It is also painful for those with true fath to be in, but not quite as deadly. As you could imagine, this allows hell quite a stronghold on Herilex.

Herilex is divided into countries much like Earth is today, though these nations are fewer and larger and like Earth, each country has different traditions and cultures. The leaders of these nations are chosen by 'divine right', that is those who are the most powerfully gifted by hell. These tend to be powerful natural psychics, though they could any anything from a scientist to an artist, a sorcerer to a warrior. The next most gifted tier are their 'Barons' or 'Cabinet' and assist in running the nation. After that there are a few other tiers and then the vast majority make up the peasantry. All Chakalek are unwaveringly obedient to the tier above because they know that they are the chosen ones by the power that makes them great. In return, the tiers above do not brutalize those below because they are secure in their right. When any chosen Chakalek dies, hell assigns a new one to take up the old position, and they are always chosen from the peasantry. These nations all tend to have radically different ideologies to the nations around them and often have fights at the borders, or lash out at their neighbours, but all out war is rare as leaders like to focus on the more constructive aspects of their rule.

Chakalek are much like Mediterranean humans with some bizarre colourations. Almost all have two-toned hair in streaks or patterns determined by genetics which can be in any rainbow of colors. Their range of physical abilities are as humans, though they have comparatively dull eyesight and can sometimes be fairly meek due to their reliance on technology and magick. They are however, exceptionally gifted as mystics and magick is flung around on Herilex as much as spoken language. They tend to wear little amounts of thin clothing as they live on a hot world. On Earth, they often shiver whilst wearing a coat in summer, save for in the hottest climes until they are used to the temperature.

Chakalek technology is superior to that of Earth's, as magick is heavily and reliably used in almost everything. Their computers are intelligent, they have pre-advanced space flight and weapons are horrifyingly effective and efficient compared to human ones.

All Chakalek are slightly psychic. Their minds have a fuzzy link to hell itself at the very least, and for most it is not long before they make a pact. The weaker the connection to Hell, the less they get from it. It is to this end that every Chakalek excels in one field at least, and those with stronger psychic powers often have multiple or more beneficial pacts with. Leaders of Chakalek nations often have a direct link to Lucifer himself.

When operating as part of a team with humans or other xenoforms, Chakalek are most often drafted in as mystics, though depending on their nation and pacts they can specialise in any role. They typically only work for the interests of hell, but can also work independent from hell in the interests of their own nation or goals. The existence of other alternate realities and earth is not widely known, but should enough information become available to an individual they will typically be able to open a portal to it after a small amount of arcane research. Those who make it to earth can often expect to be intercepted by Katana Souls.

Each Chakalek nation has different values and cultures, most of which involve a practice which is an affront to Heaven's doctrines.

Notable Chakalek nations.
Gelun-Ka - A nation of mystics who draw power from astrology-based magick and worship a variety of constellations, celestial bodies and even celestial events.
Komarara - A nation comparable to the biblical city of Sodom, where debauched sexual and violent acts are frequent and public. Known for once forcing an angel to incarnate, trapping it and performing depraved acts upon it as it slowly died in Hadeou's light.
Metritane - Ruled by an emperor who chose to use one of his pacts with Lucifer to make his body solid gold, this nation is known for its extreme excess and decadence.
Yuzutane - A nation which spans where Canada and the Western USA are on Earth. They modify their bodies, minds and souls though black magick. Infested with Vampires, Werewolves and other such freaks.