Charlesworthy Engine

The Charlesworthy Engine refers to the device inside the car of Hugh Charlesworthy that allows near instantaneous travel through time and space. It is not entirely without its limitations, firstly approximate co-ordinates for the geographical location you wish to travel to must be known, although the car stores the location of anywhere it has travelled previously. Secondly, there must be enough space in the desired location for Hugh's car to materialise successfully. And so Vaults full of gold bars are safe from having Hugh simply appear inside them, not that a bank vault is liable to be much of a challenge to Hugh Charlesworthy. Thirdly, as with all time travel, the rules of time should be observed at all times to minimise the risk of disappearing or being skewered by a flaming sword. Fourthly, the construction of Hugh's car limits it functionally to the period in the past were the atmosphere became as it is today, as it has no special life support features, and is engineered to run in an Earth or Earth like environment. Thus, Hugh has never experimented with visiting the start of the universe. However, since either God exists, in which case, he will be busy creating the universe at that point and might not be so pleased to see Hugh, or God doesn’t exist, in which case there are likely to be a bunch of loyalist angels hanging around in case anyone gets curious enough to come looking - Hugh has decided it probably isn’t worth his while.

Theoretically, Hugh can travel to any point in the future, but since the time line post-nexus is so unstable, he tries to avoid it, as once he arrives he always seems to get caught up in events.

The term A Charlesworthy Engine may be used (largely within Department T of British Military Intelligence ) to describe any device which exhibits the same functional properties, although not necessarily the same properties as The Charlesworthy Engine. Given that, to anyone's knowledge Hugh is the only person to have intercepted the plans on their way to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, it should be the case that only he can construct new Charlesworthy Engines. All other methods of time travel are limited in some way usually by requiring some kind of ‘Home Gateway’ which must be returned to after each trip. Following the theft of a backup Charlesworthy engine by Dr Ernst Strom of the SS Zeitkommando Hugh instituted the rule that there should only ever be one Charlesworthy Engine per Hugh Charlesworthy in a given time stream. This means that, no more can be constructed unless the current one is destroyed, and that Hugh may never leave the time zone he is in through any method other than his car.

Very recently a report has reached Department T of a device that may qualify as a Charlesworthy Engine having arrived from an unknown origin. Needless to say, Hugh Charlesworthy is keen to know more.