Charlesworthy Foundation for Advanced Scientific Development

The Charlesworthy Foundation for Advanced Scientific Development was set up by Hugh Charlesworthy in 1921 when he inherited the Charlesworthy family estate. The Charlesworthy Foundation for Advanced Scientific Development concerned itself with a number of secretive Scientific Developments, but chief among these was the development of Time Travel. Few records from this era of the Charlesworthy foundation exist.

Hugh Charlesworthy was rarely seen in the offices of the foundation, often appearing much older one day and younger the next. In 1943 Hugh was seconded to Department T of British Military Intelligence and works on time travel experiments were halted with all information transferred to the control of the government.

However, the Foundation did not cease to work during this period of transition. And under George Charlesworthy information regarding the organisation’s past was suppressed and efforts focused on other scientific endeavours. Sir George had an interest in the occult and directed an element of the Charlesworthy Foundation to begin research into that area. Following Sir George’s untimely death in a road traffic accident, his son Sir James Charlesworthy inherited the position of chief administrator.

By this point, the Foundation’s past was a secret known only to a few of the oldest members of staff and Hugh Charlesworthy’s ability to travel through time is regarded as an amusing family myth to answer awkward questions about his otherwise unexplained disappearance. However, by tradition, Hugh Charlesworthy’s office is still kept exactly as he left it should he once again return.