Ref: Charlesworthy Timeline

I'm putting this up here as reference, I’m well aware it isn’t a properly Wiki-fied page.

1899 - Birth of Hugh Charlesworthy
1921 - Death of Edwin Smith, Charlesworthy Foundation founded.
1933 - Hugh produces George Charlesworthy from an unknown mother.
1947 - Hugh hires Mr Stephens (apparently in his 20's)
1948 - Hugh disappears. Mr Stephens runs the Charlesworthy Foundation.
1954 - George Charlesworthy takes over running the Charlesworthy Foundation.

1966 - Marriage of Sir George Charlesworthy and Victoria Aplysia
1967 - Jim Charlesworthy born. Victoria Charlesworthy dies.

1988 - Harry and Jim Graduate Cambridge. Jim enters Sandhurst.
1989 - Jim Graduates Sandhurst. Joins Royal Corp of Signals, as a second lieutenant.
1990 - Jim mobilised to the Persian Gulf to oversee a mobile communications HQ.
1991 - Jim demobilised from the Gulf, promoted to full lieutenant during this time.
1994 - Death of George Charlesworthy, Jim quits the Army and comes home to administer the Charlesworthy Foundation.

2007 - Harry Hawthorne becomes permanent Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

2009 - Omega team is formed by the Agency.
Jim Charlesworthy is 42