A few thousand years after the war that sank Atlantis, on a planet distant from Earth, the Chatuth came to sentience and immediately started building civilisation in name of their god-queen Kaea. With her guidance, they were a spacefaring race within another thousand years, and by our middle ages had terraformed and cultivated their civilisation on five planets, with a total population of 19 billion. Their success is mostly owed to their gods walking amongst them, allowing all to see their majesty and justice and the gods to hand out justice to any uprisings and lawlessness. Their wisdom and teachings accelerated the Chatuth to great developments and their unquestioned direction built racial unity. After the discovery of Earth, the gods decided it were better to infiltrate them rather than invade. Chatuth were forbidden from landing on Earth until the base on Ascension island was established.

Chatuth were 'created' by Kaea in the image of the Humans she knew from Atlantis, believing all humans were lost when the continents sank. She gave them expanded cognitive abilities and a less dense muscular system to better withstand the slightly heavier gravity of their home. She instilled in them a strong dislike of fighting as to not repeat the atrocities of war that she witnessed on Earth. Finally, she gave them orange 'inner pupils' which provided them with a detailed zoom function. Due to their increased congnitive function, any noticeable sign of psychic manifestation caused malignant and supernatural brain tumors which would often explode into clouds of plasma or come alive and eat people. This can be remedied with the teachings of Tath-Qui.

Chatuth are keen students of their 'arts' and keener worshippers of their gods. From a young age they are taught the glory and wisdom of their gods, and will often see them in their media. As a coming of age ritual, they are asked to devote their lives to two gods, a major god (either Kaea, Psid or Tath-Qui) and a minor god (the others). Worship involves going into study and/or industry relating to the domains of their gods. As such, all Chatuth are intimately familiar with either technology, magick or pure thought. There will often be a choice, but some will be dictated by family tradition. For example, a farming family may demand their child worships Tota alongside whatever major god they chose, or if a child is psychic, they will always go on to dedicate themselves to Tath-Qui.

By design, Chatuth are inept in a fight. Most lack enough muscle mass to swing a sword effectively or carry a heavy gun around anyway, though they are psychologically unable to fight. A rare handfull of Chatuth suffer a unique form of psychopathy that takes away all such inhibitions. Such Chatuth are excellent shots with guns due to their incredible eye functions, but among their people the only weapons they can get hold of are the hunting weapons only powerful enough for killing animals. There is also a dangerous and forbidden meditation of Tath-Qui that can unlock the fighting urge which is only unleashed when a particularly dangerous 'fighterpath' causes more trouble than can be handled. When working with their human allies, Chatuth make excellent pilots and wheelmen, as well as healers, techs and ritualists.