Chatuth Magick

Chatuth do not use rituals in the same way as we do, though they are still potentially capable of it. Instead, they are granted magickal alterations that allow them to use certain spells by their gods through strict worship. What counts as worship depends on your patron, however. Some demand the more meditative forms of worship, such as Keskio and Tath-Qui, whilst dedicating yourself to building the best machinery appeases Kaea, or honest, hard working agriculture will win you the favour of Tota.

Psid will grant small amounts of magick to nearly any worshipper of the Sephanus pantheon, regardless of who and how. He believes that gods should strive to gain favour with their worshippers, as well as the other way, and also that all righteous Chatuth and indeed, Humans deserve to experience the joys of wielding Magick.

Sephana who grant their powers expect them to be used. Devoted worshippers of Tath-Qui, for example are expected to quell fights and assist anyone to find balance, whilst Kaea worshippers must use their gifts to build grander and more complex machinery. Worshippers who do not 'flaunt' their powers as it were have them taken away. It is extremely rare to have them taken away for abuse.

The more powerful worshippers, such as high priests or elderly lifelong adherents to the creed are given the honour of granting low level powers to others. These are usually for in case of emergencies, or other immediate needs. They are also bestowed as generous gifts to particularly brave worshippers who do the temple or order a great service. These powers are most often temporary, but permanent magick gifts are given out more frequently than one may imagine.