Chrono Force Elite

Chrono Force Elite are the American time agency. They are a faction in the Theta Wars.



The seeds of Chrono-Force Elite were sown when Sam Morris moved into the Whitehouse in 2004, replacing Al Gore as president. One of the first acts he took was to sever ties with and vilify The Agency, using the sinister Military Intelligence Bureau to combat occult threats to America. When Henry McShane took office in 2012, he abolished the MIB and in its place formed Occult Force Elite; a task-force of individuals from the FBI, CIA, NSA and Armed Forces with prior experience of the occult (a similar group called Occult Force Prime had been operation in the Second World War). Although the newly formed operation group liaised with other groups of monster hunters, including the Agency, it differed from them in some key respects. First of all, it was an All-American staff who uphold righteous American values, and second, it was heavily subsidised by the American government, so understandably, it would uphold their agendas with no question. Other sponsors included The Brotherhood, Interest 9 and several other occult interest groups. For this reason, they had no funding trouble and could get things done quickly and efficiently. Sometime during the mid 21st century they were officially made an armed forces department, albeit still of maximum secrecy. In 2100, they captured and interrogated Dr. Strom and the Time Nazis, but released them in return for information about their time travel ritual. In response to the creation of the temporal nexus in 2111 Occult Force Elite was renamed, repackaged and repurposed into Chrono Force Elite. This new force was made more public and was used in heavy propaganda aimed at quelling the time-war worries of America and its allies.


Chrono Force Elite operates chiefly out of America. Much like the America of today, it uses its military might to swing its influence around wherever else it can. Chrono Force Elite is permitted to protect time and draw forces in: USA, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Free Russia and Australia but to name a few. It also tries to stick its nose into anything that might conceivably be going on in any territory vaguely near theirs.




Theta Wars

Here follows a list of Chrono Force Elite's rivals in the Theta Wars and their relationships.
Time Nazis: Though Chrono Force Elite originally released the Time Nazis from captivity, they gained large amounts of power far too quickly before they could be effectively removed. They have rapidly become mortal enemies.
Industrial O'm: Another highly expansionist faction which threatens CFE's protected states in many places. Several large scale wars are fought between the two.
Alpha Machine: A shadowy group of anarchists in the view of CFE, whose agenda it is to dismantle the American government itself.
The Master Church: America's constitution states that its citizens are allowed freedom of worship, making the aggressive religion a dangerous and nigh-on invincible enemy.
N: The bizarre and elusive cult of N is a hated enemy of Chrono Force Elite, especially after taking over their base on Ascension Island.
Hiroshima Aruki Chrono Soldiers (HACS): Chrono Force Elite draw a small amount of forces from Japan, but one of their most prized agents is actually somewhat of a mole from HACS. CFE poses little threat to them so their spy's role is more to subtly manipulate the force into protecting their interests.
Department T of British Military Intelligence: The presence of CFE is often a blessing to the forces of Hugh Charlesworthy, as they fight for a similar benevolence and the protection of the civilised world but are just as often hindered by their belligerence and hubris.

Strike Teams

Chrono Force Elite have a multitude of specialised teams of spies, grunts and scientists and the ability to requisition rescoures from the US forces, but only the truly elite are commissioned to do the delicate work of temporal commando missions. These are sorted into teams of 5, from A to D, and a further one, Q:
Team A: Contains only the most experienced and effective operatives. They are lead by Col. John Peppard.
Team B: Tend to take on more risky and volatile situations than Team A. Agents are picked for their ability to withstand fear and talk smack to 'bad guys'. Led by Mick 'Action' Reevs.
Team C and Team D: House the greener time operatives. While an elite fighting force, cinematically, their job is to show up and get killed dramatically. Team D was, at one point, led by Commander Brad Starr and his right-hand woman Major Hillary Strype.
Team Q: Are a sinister team, secretive even to their own men. Hana Shinzo has linked them to the defunct super-soldier program of days past in her reports to HACS.