Clawed Hand Brotherhood

The Clawed Hand Brotherhood is a group of werewolf mystics who, through a combination of rigid discipline, meditation and martial arts training, have learnt to control their transformations by keeping their emotions in check. The most talented of the Brothers can even transform their body into wolf-form while retaining their human mind. Their headquarters are a hidden monastry high in the Himalayas.

Werewolves who join the Brotherhood proceed through 5 levels of enlightenment. A novice is a werewolf newly come to the monastry, who has not yet controlled one of his transformations. An initiate is a werewolf who has controlled at least one transformation but has not proven himself able to do so every time. A monk (this title is used regardless of gender) is a werewolf who has attained complete control over his beast-mind and can keep his own mind everytime he transforms. Once a werewolf has become a monk, he is encouraged to leave the monastry and travel the world to acquire further live experiance and enlightenment.

A monk only returns to the monastry when he is ready to begin teaching a novice. Once a monk has trained a novice to become an initiate and then a full monk, the teacher is considered to have become a master of the Brotherhood. The eldest and most enlightened of the masters is the grand master and leads the Brotherhood.

The Clawed Hand and the Blitzwulfen are mortal enemies of each other and the Clawed Hand will seek every opportunity to destroy a Blitzwulfen ring.