Cosmic Powers

This is just playing with ideas at this point. It might, one day, be a kicking-off point to giving real stats to dragons, seraphs and other such high end bastards.

Lightning Speed(20cp): You may act a second time in each combat round. Your first action occurs before anyone else can act, your second in standard initiative order. If more than one character with Lightning Speed is involved in a combat, all Lightning-Speed-granted actions occur first in order of initiative, followed by normal actions in order of initiative. With Lightning Speed, you may use more than one magickal attack per round.

Nigh-Invulnerability (20cp): Prerequisite: Toughness 10, Soak 10. You halve all Damage, after Soak. This is basically Resistance: Everything. To render it mathematically; Resistance: Blades, Piercing, Blunt and Natural is 8 points. Resistance: Fire, Cold, Poison and Disease, Electricity and Corrosion is another 5. Resistance: Solid Projectiles is 5 more. Through in 2cp to cover all the odd edge cases and we're done.

Reflection: Magick (20cp): Any Damage dealt to you by a magickal, psychic or supernatural source is reflected back at your attacker. Any magickal, psychic or supernatural effect that does not deal Damage has no effect on you. Basicly Without+. Not sure if anyone should have this (Nyarlathotep maybe?), but once I dropped Immunity (Magick) to 10 points, the maths implied this Advantage.