Daft Combat Styles

Not to be confused with Draft Combat Styles
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Sometimes, a person becomes a legend. When that happens, people invariably attempt to copy there unique combat style.

Hugh Charlesworthy Style: Combat is a last resort, and when you must fight, you refuse to loose any of your dignity addopting any kind of combat stance. You may fire a Service revolver, and only a service revolver in one hand, arm fully outstreched, While the other hand is used for more important activitys, such as drinking tea, holding a newspapers or doffing ones hat to a lady. This adds little to your combay effictiveness, but makes you rather dashing. You gain +2 to Socalise tests while in this stance, as well as +2 to Hit all uniformed officers of Captain Rank or above, that belong to a nation you are in a legitimate War with. After six shots, you must spend a round reloading your serivice revolver.

Don Wright Style: Guns dont kill peaple, Cocaine addicted Disco fanatics kill peaple, for money. When armed with two Identical pistols, you may fire two shots from each pistol each round so long as you are high on Cocaine. You do not suffer the Marksmanship Penalty for Cocaine use. If on stairs or in a Disco, you may add +4 to your Stayin' Alive Defence Rolls.

Charlie Thunder Style: You Hate reloading, so carry a backup weapon in your offhand. You may fire a Handcannon, and only a Handcannon in one hand. Your other hand is holding a shotgun. You may fire your Handcannon twice at the same target each turn. Once you have fired all six shots, your handcannon is disgarded and you automaticly swap to your shot gun with no penalty for drawing a new weapon. Once you have fired both barrels of your shotgun, its Rugby time.

Vlad Green Style: You are a man of few words, and the only thing you feel when you kill is the recoil from your rifle. All hits with a sniper rifle generate automatic critical hits, so long as you havent talked so far this scene.

Peter Lexy Style: Driveing is your life, you dont fight with guns, but with a car. Anyone you hit with your car is killed outright. In Scenes without a car, you sit in the corner and think about how useless you are.

Nick Slater Style: You will Kill everyone who stands against you, and anyone else who happens to be in the blast radius. Any weapon capable of causeing collateral damage can be fired twice as often as useuall in a turn. At the and of the Scene, any innocent bystanders, Prisoners, Nuteral NPC's or otherwise noncombatants, are dead.

Kaori Tamkikari Style: Though you look sweet and charming, you and conceal the heveyest ordancance upon your person. You may carry a rocket launcher, as if it were subtle. You may draw and fire your rocket launcher at any time at all, before anyone has any chance to react.

Jack Steen Style: You fight with Randall Laser's.45, one in each hand. You must spend your first combat action Talking like a Badass. However, you are immune to all forms of damage for the reaminder of that combat round. For the remainder of the Scene you may fire your Randall Laser's twice each each turn.

Hans Olafson Style: You have huge crushing hands. You can wheild a two handed hammer in both hands. You Trebble your streanth when makeing opposed grapple checks, and may also make an unarmed melee attack while grappleing as your crush your helpless opponent WITH YOUR HANDS.

Billy Invincable Style: You are a bear knuckle boxing champion, who knows that most Nazis have a glass jaw. Your unarmed attacks, if they hit, allways cause critical damage.