Daxilan is a parallel universe. More than 500 years ago, it seems to have been not unlike Earth and the Daxilians were not unlike humans. That was before half a millenium of chemical, biological and nuclear war. No unaltered human or Daxilian could survive on the surface for more than a few minutes. The remainder of the Purestrain Daxilians live on Daxilan's moon with the aid of Atmospheric Generators and Water Mines which pump fresh water from underground deposits of ice. But the Purestrain Daxilians are not the only survivors of War, nor is the War over.

Neither side recalls what the original sides were in the War, but now the War is fought between the moon-dwelling Purestrain and the planet-dwelling Mutants. Through a combination of geneticly developed resistance, cybernetic augmentation and sealed suits, the Mutants manage to survive, barely, upon the surface of Daxilan.