Deadpan is an agent for ESPLER.

Ivan Kosvinya was a largely unremarkable Siberian teenager until he was contacted by ESPLER when he was 15, in 2049. Growing up hearing about the glory days of the Soviet Union from his grandfather, he gladly embraced their philosophy and mission. By the time he was 18, he was a fully-trained telepath and assisted ESPLER on various away missions, including intel gathering and captive recovery. After two years of service he was awarded the callsign 'Deadpan' due to the way he could never be surprised, shocked or disgusted in any way, and always kept his deadpan expression through the most testing adversities. From about the age of 21 he has been in psychic contact with a mysterious voice, claiming to be a Russian trapped in Japan. Wherever he went he would always be able to ask this voice for advice, and sometimes even let him see through his own eyes. The voice would never answer questions about what was happening within the Barrier Kusunagi, but would largely impart its wisdom to him. This voice also happened to be a master of fire magick, and has slowly been teaching Ivan how to wax and wane the flame to his advantage.