I have been to the pub. While at the pub I devised a new system for Gun Fu [Gunslinger] and possibly also Kung Fu. I have seen Ben's new Gunslinger rules and they look good, however, I've been to the pub so I'm going to put up my new, and somewhat more complicated, system anyway.

Everyone has a 'Fu' score:

Fu = Defence + Soak

Gunslingers have a 'Gun' score:

Gun = Weapon Damage - Willpower

Martial Artists have a 'Kung' score:

Kung = Weapon Damage - Willpower

Gunslingers and Martial Artists always achieve a Lesser Fu power, either +1 damage, +1 attack or +1 defence. They make a regular attack to hit. They then make a second straight roll and if it plus the target's Fu less their Gun/Kung is greater than zero their attack achieves Master Fu power and they get some special bonus like a current or original Gunslinger/Gun Fu power or an equivalent Kung Fu power. A ridiculous role or willpower score could achieve a Master Fu power with a powerful weapon.

The result of this is that against a standard contemporary enemy advanced weapons won't yield a Greater Fu power while against an advanced enemy the advanced weapon will yield a Greater Fu power.