Oags Gunslinger V3

These attacks can only be used with one-handed Firearms. If the gunslinger uses an SMG or pair of SMGs(Via Dual Gun Grip) for a gunslinger shot, he enjoys twice the normal number of shots.

Rapid Shooting
The gunslinger fires as quickly as possible.
Attacks: 3
Special Rules: -4 to hit, the two guns the gunslinger is holding must be identical.

Dive Shots
The gunslinger fires his guns while jumping through the air.
Attack: 2
Special Rules: +2 to Defence, -2 to hit.

Quick Draw
The gunslinger draws his guns and fires at incrediable speed.
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: This must be done at the start of combat. The gunslinger automatically goes first in iniative order and draws his gun as a free action. If two gunslingers with Quick Draw both use it, they determine initiative normally between the two of them.

Gut Shot
The gunslinger aims to disable rather than kill
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: If the attack hits, the target thereafter suffers a -3 pain penalty(which stacks with other pain penalties) until he receives medical attention.

Hand Shot
The gunslinger shoots the enemy's weapon out of their hand
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: If the attack hits, the target is disarmed.

The gunslinger blasts out his enemy's knee.
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: If the attack hits, the target suffers a -2 penalty to all Athletics rolls and a -2 pain penalty to all rolls(for a total of -4 to Athletics rolls) until he receives proper medical attention. These penalties stacks with themselves, but only to a maximum of -4(for a total of -8 to Athletics, representing hitting both knees). Each time an enemy is kneecapped, he must make a Difficulty 3 Athletics check or become prone.

The gunslinger puts a round right between the eyes.
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: If this attack hits, it's treated as a critical hit.

Precise Shot
The gunslinger aims at the weak points of the enemy's armour.
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: Ignores the enemy's soak. This shot cannot be performed with a sawn-off shotgun.

Empty the Gun
The gunslinger empties his revolver into the enemy.
Attacks: 6
Special Rules: -3 to hit, must spent next turn reloading gun. This manuever can only be done with a handgun(specifically a six chamber revolver).

Shoot the Moon
The gunslinger sees not with his eye, he sees with his mind.
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: +1 to hit, ignores penalties for shooting invisible opponents or long range.