OAGS Theta Armour

Conventional Theta Armour

Armour Soak Special Rules Armour Penalties
NanomailTM Bodyglove 4 No Armour Penalties -
Proofed CFE Body Armour 4 Resistance: Lasers and Fire, Immunity: Pain Ammo -1 Athletics, Defence and Melee
Helmet +1 Stacks with other armour -1 Perception

Theta Powered Armour

These require Powered Armour Training to use. All Powered Armour includes a helmet.

Armour Soak Special Rules
Zeitkommando Starkrüstung 10 +3 Strength, Natural Weapon, -1 Athletics and Perception
Earthquake Armor 8 +3 Strength, Fast
Hailstorm Armor 8 +1 Marksmanship, +1 Defense, Fast 2
Meteor Armor 7 Fast 2, Jump 3