OAGs v3 Brainstorm

This page is my brainstorming for a revised version of OAGs using what I learnt from my Omega Team game. If you wanna make a comment feel free to do so on page, just sign your comment. All unsigned text is from me, Ben/OuroborosTriumphant.

1) Damage system. Probably needs to be replaced completely. High-soak enemies frustrated players, leading to rapidly inflating damages. At the same time, some of the less gamey players fealt confused by the damage system.

Proposed Solution: Currently, I'm inclined to shift to a hit point system so that a successful attack always does at least some damage and it becomes easy to deal with damage(just knock off that many hit points). I think I will also cap damage at 15 and non-supernatural/megatech/extraordinary damage at 10.

You can have damage levels without being a confuseinator. Savage worlds manages it, I just think perhaps soaks ended up being -too high- unless your actually made of metal or kevelar or something, a longbow is going to kill you just as dead as an AK47 or a Quantom singulatity generator. - Commisarphil

There were many times when I couldn't damage anything with a sniper rifle because you had to compensate toughness values for Slater's boltgun. However, I do thing damage levels are much better than HP for this sort of game, they could just do with being normalized. For example, do what savage worlds does and change it so that the damage levels you take are damage/soak rather than damage-soak, or scaling damage vs soak in threes. - Karolicker

- Fun fact: mathematically having damage/soak applied as damage to health levels is the same or near enough as having soak*health levels as hit points. For instance, suppose a Toughness of 5 versus a hand gun(damage 5). Takes 5 hits either way whether it's 5 health levels and soak of 5 or just 25hp.

—And a 10 damage weapon vs the same guy (ie, an AWP) kills him in three shots rather than one?

I'm not as intimate as the rest of you guys with this system but I think Rob has it right, I think this is a maths problem. Whether it is entirely solvable analytically I don't know. - Vaa

However, this gives rise to some problems.

  • How to assign wound penalties.
    • Possible solution, all actions at -1 when below half hit points and at -2 when below a quarter.
  • How to deal with armour
    • Possible solution: armour could grant additional HP, provide some degree of soak or possibly reduce damage by a percentage(Power armour halves all damage frex.)

2) Abilities. If we introduce Hit Points, that eliminate Toughness, destroying the current symetry of Abilities. I also have a couple of other Abilities lined up for the chopping block.

  • Arcana: Magick never ended up feeling quite right. I'd like to rethink how I'm doing it.
  • Craft, Medicine, Leadership, Control Vehicle: These ended up being things people were either very, very good at or things that could be totally ignored. I think I'm bring them back as Advantages rather than Abilities(so, Nurse, Doctor, Healer, Mechanic, Engineer, Mad Scientist, Pilot, Ace Pilot, etc…)

Speaking for myself, I hate control vehicle stats in games as its never entirely clear what they mean. They are also too generalised. If I was to stat an F1 Driver in Oags currently, he would also happen to be able to do stunts in a Harrier. Crafts Medicine and Leadership all seemed usefull though - Commisarphil

My point isn't that they're not useful. It's that only one person in the party needs them so I'm not sure if they ought to be a universal Ability as opposed to an Advantage in the same vein as Demolitions or Hacking- Ouroboros.

Arcana should be used wherever magick is involved imo; if you don't understand how it works, you should scarcely begin to even be able to use it. Again, more user friendly magickal alterations that grant powers can be made easier to use through advantages. - Karolicker

- I'm thinking of having a number of packages; Dabbler, Sorcerer, Wizards. etc, Dabblers would just get a few rituals, while Wizards would get quite a lot of magickal powers pre-packaged- Ouroboros.

— Packages aren't such a good idea if flexibility in character creation is your intent especially if these spells are also going to be representative of native abilities to xenoforms in some cases. A good way to implement what you're thinking of are synergy advantages. Say if you want to steer people towards a wizard archetype, make an advantage that requires some kind of damage spell, some kind of elemental control at level 3 or more, and a certain number of memorized rituals, that gives bonii a wizard may be interested in, such as a signature ritual which is done faster/cheaper/easier. Just one example.

  • Deception, Empathy, Persuasion: During the game, especially towards the end, social stuff ended up being more roleplayed than rolled for. I'm quite happy with this and so think I might get rid of the social stats.

This can have interesting effects with peaple who are less good at roleplaying. Peaple being more or less eloquant then there charicter can happen a lot. Depends how happy you are with this. - Commisar phil

Needs a social skill at least, to help bind your character's roles. Isn't empathy used for telepathy too? - Karolicker

Yes, but I'll probably be reworking how Telepathy works anyway. It ended up both a bit clunky and a bit too strong.- Ouroboros

Willpower is probably staying though.

3) Combat variety. Rob/Karolicker has been working on a kind of martial arts system for more varied kinds of attack. I'd like to impliment this, but at the same time, something I like about my system is that it's easy to make a competant combat character simply by buying high combat stats. I don't want it to become a complex chore to make a combat specialist. Reconciling these two objectives looks tricky. Any ideas?

I'd put this stuff on hold and see how combat runs when damage is fixed, since I think the ability to do significant things while unarmed was robs main motive - Commisarphil

Both unarmed and with a plain ol' melee weapon, since it seemed like a plain ol' sword did about as much damage to the bad guy as spitting at him. But yes, wait until damage is fixed.

Okay- Ouroboros

4) 'On-the-fly magick' needs to be overhauled and explained properly. Currently, everything is sashed together under a supernatural advantages category. While this means less categories, I beleive it hurts simplicity and ergonomics in the long run. It is also not apparent that one must charge his character with a magickal alteration so that he can shoot fire lasers out of his eyes using rituals and so on, unless it's a native talent to one's race. It just seems to… happen.

This is also a good opportunity to redefine and make use of useless stats as pointed out in 2). Entries under Magickal Alterations can be used to make it so players must take arcana to shoot fireballs, leadership for mind control abilities and medicine for healing rather than taking spells and ignorning the stats completely. This means that to use fireballs you must study magick, and to heal you must be able to identify illness/injury and know what you are changing in one's body and so on. This could be expanded on greatly both fluff and crunch-wise and will lead to a richer magick system.

See above. Will try to bash out a vague outline of these packages at some point soonish.