OAGS v4 Ideas

Just some ideas I'm mulling over for the next time I do a biggish overhaul of the system, most likely at Christmas or so
. Feel free to throw ideas out there.

  • Sniper Rifle: Might drop the Sniper Rifle to 12 Damage, with +2 to hit. Just because 16 is a lot of damage. Thoughts?

Sniper rifles are designed for one shot kills. 16 damage is fine.
A sniper rifle should really be looking to ruin someone's day. Only drop it if you don't want it to overlap with future weapons. As to the hit bonus, should you want to do this, I think you should only be looking to negate some penalty for long range combat, simply '+2 to hit' sounds weird.

Sniper rifles stay as they are.

  • Criticals. May drop them entirely. May make them a flat amount of bonus damage rather than a multiplier. I'm worried about characters with high attacks starting to rely on crits rather than aspire to them.

I'm all for some variety in the damage weapons do. Damage bonus = hit - defence?
That did used to be how it worked. I may consider changing that back.
No way. That was ass awful.
I strongly suspect I will do criticals as ISAGS does them; on ++++ rather than on a difference of attack/defence
I imagine this will seriously affect characters that were built for damage.

  • Melee range gunplay. Currently, if someone is in your face with a sword and you shoot them, it's Marksmanship. I'm thinking of changing this to Melee, since it's more about seeing an opening and firing, rather than aiming.

That's not how it is already?
No, but it's a pretty easy change to make
Something needs to be done with melee/markmanship combat interaction. Using melee sounds good for hand-to-hand gunfighting. Still get weapon specialisation bonus, yes? I would like to see something along the lines of an opposed initiative or athletics check for people who are being charged from a way away, if the defender succeeds they get a +2 defence bonus against that opponent's attack(s) that round. I found that things could run across reasonable distances into melee with ranged people with no penalty.
There is actually a set of rules of how quickly people can get into combat range.