Centarch Thanaedes Demephrus is a Theialek working under the 'employ' of the mysterious Dr. Black. He is a seasoned boarding officer for hostile spacecraft around his homeworld and has participated in his fair share of daring orbital stunts and heroic rescues.

Born on Theialex, Demephrus recieved standard Theialek education and was drafted into the air force for his compulsory service. After showing considerable talent, he stayed on as a career soldier assigned to orbital combat. With intense training and ample opportunity for heroics, he soon made Logarch rank. His final battle saw him liberating a besieged space station from the Chakalek, only to fall into a devious ambush once they were half way through. All but his small group were slaughtered and they prepared to make a final stand in the life support core when they recovered a wounded space-dweller sorceror. The team would defend the sorceror whilst he created a portal and all would escape. During the thee hours, two brave companions died, but over a hundred chakalek also perished. After all his allies were through, he collapsed through the portal, exhausted. The last thing he saw as he passed out was a blue-skinned sorceror peering over him, telling him he had done well and it was time to rest.

When Demephrus awoke, he was stripped and bound in chains with his fellow airmen. A month of painful slavebreaking ensued, but the shreke slavers had not bargained against the iron will of his kind. The three emerged more or less unaffected by the treatment, while the sorceror was executed for being a sorceror. Demephrus was equipped with magickal sword and shield, and instructed in common guard drill all to make him more saleable. The moment he was put 'to market' he was snapped up by Dr. Hodges of the Black Initiative for £20 million or so. He was given an interview with Dr. Black where she offered him the choice of freedom or a position as operative. He chose the job, seeing employment as a meaningful alternative to becoming a common criminal or *shudder* mercenary.

At the headquarters, Demephrus spends most of his time either being grilled by scientists, or hiding from them. His race is well known of, but precious little is known about them. Due to his military background, he feels that it is not his place to discuss with the humans Thiealek history, science or culture, but Theialek courage and honour. He is a little naive of social interaction in London, but is quickly learning. He has a deep distrust of all psychics and often takes a confrontational position with all of them.

Demephrus' favourite food is 'Raphanasu', a Thiealek dish which happens to be exactly the same as horseradish sauce. He can often be seen eating it from a pot with a spoon.


17th October, 2011
N. Black
Cent. T. Demephrus - Progress Report

Demephrus is already proving to be a worthwhile purchase, if somewhat venomous in his approach. Notably, he managed to hijack an MIB flying saucer and save it from a crash - a feat no other could do without prior specific training. This acquisition may represent a large leap forwards in our knowledge base.
Demephrus's attitude towards others must be reported on. Firstly, he insists on calling me 'Mistress'. While he knows full well that he is free to go at any time, I believe he chooses this word to deliberately remind me that I bought him for money. I also worry about a possible personality clash with Mr. Jackson, after hearing they almost got into an argument on how to deal with an escaping target. There are merits on both sides, but I see little room for compromise as their views seem fairly entrenched.
Of the other members of the team, he appears to get on best with Rork and Mr. Galore's pet tiger, neither notably being able to communicate with him through language. The various technicians of the initiative are enthralled by his tales of his homeworld, and I hear through them he is using his pay, knowledge and their connections to sub-contract some mechanics to help him build a vehicle of some sort; what it may be is not exactly clear. Demephrus has unsuccessfully tried several times to win a date with Lucy the receptionist.