A demigod is defined as a half-human, half god entity.

Many have heard of the legends of Demigods, especially in Greek myth. In the Hughniverse, they are always exclusively one part human, and one part xenoform. The human parent can be any old human, however the xenoform parent has to be one of extreme power or a 'god type' xenoform. The offspring of regular xenoforms and humans are known as hybrids and are extremely uncommon on Earth. Demigods are much more likely to conceive than hybrids except for those of certain xenoform races due to sheer magnitude of power the godly xenoform possesses.

The difference between demigods and hybrids is that they always inherit the magnificence, charisma and majesty of their xenoform parents, along with a selection of their powers, combined with the best aspects of the human parent. For example, Rosa Luisa Gales is the daughter of Brice and a Nicuragan prostitute. Hence, she has inherited her mother's sultry beauty and charm, and her father's contemplative and experimental nature. It has also expunged the Sephana and Chatuth unwillingness to fight, and human greed and pettiness. Additionally, the xenoform seems to have some degree of control of what powers and traits they can inherit, though goddess parents seem to have more control over it than their male counterparts. Hybrids on the other hand, inherit from parents as normal human conceptions: a grab bag of genes from whatever gametes met and recessive/dominant alleles and so on.

In both cases, the fusion of mundane human and xenoform can cause new traits and powers to appear. Godly parents can attempt to steer to or away from these new traits appearing, but they are not always successful. Hybrids and Demigods that are psychic tend to increase the chances of these mutations and malignant mutations dramatically when in the womb.

Demigods in the Hughniverse

* Hercules
* Rosa Luisa Gales
* Miyuzuki Tamakeri

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