Department T of British Military Intelligence

Department T of British Military Intelligence is an organisation that was set up by the British Government to pursue Extended WWII. It was closed down in 1961 after the conclusion of that conflict and the records of it having ever existed were sealed, with an exemption from the 30 years rule for reasons of national security.


The Department T Staff Roster Follows.

Team H is the lead team, most suited to direct conflict.

Team U is the Undercover team, most suited to observation and information gathering.

Both Professor Smith and Maren Utash do not always accompany there respective teams, sometimes serveing a more valuable roll remaining at headquarters.

Ex - Operatives


Dpt T was formed by Winston Churchill on the advice of Sir Charlesworthy, to fight the temporal elements of WW2. In addition to Sir Charlesworthy's time machine it also possessed a time gateway designed by Einstein which could send a strike team anywhere and anywhen, within a certain margin of error. The Operations Team hand-picked by Sir Hugh and led by Sgt Thunder was responsible for many commando raids on the Nazis' time travelling infrastructure, as well as uncovering a lot of information about the occult methods which the Nazis used to travel through time.

The operations team was eventually able to shut down the Nazi time travel experiments, and apparently do battle with and defeat mecha-Hitler (see Adolf Hitler) in his underground bunker.

Following the establishment of the current timeline, the government ruled that, despite the horrors of WW2, further manipulation of the timeline could result in a better outcome for the Nazis, so they took the hard decision to quit while they were ahead.

The organisation was disbanded and the time gateway and all scientific notes destroyed. Albert Einstein was bound under the Official Secrets act and took his knowledge to his grave.

Records show that Department T was based in 64 Baker Street, however this is false. Department T in fact was considered so secret that they had a purpose built complex underneath London. After having this complex removed from the time line, Hugh Charlesworthy went back in time to prevent its destruction. In this way, Department T continues to exist into 2009 where it always has done, despite being considered a terrorist organisation by the government of the day. This is of no concern to Hugh who continues to act on the authority given to him in the past to operate across time.

In 2009 Hugh Charlesworthy recruited a second operations team to investigate historical anomalies surrounding the death of Hitler, a new team had to be recruited due to concerns of the number of Temporal clones of Hugh and Team H that may already exist in 1945.

The role of Department T has changed moving into the future, when it was first founded Department T was, in addition to pursuing the time war, a kind of dumping ground for occult nasties and other things that vexed human understanding. These days Hugh is more inclined to leave linear threats to the British Empire in the hands of linear organisations, such as The Agency. This is mainly to keep a low profile and avoid having operatives picked up by Office 66 of MI5. However that's not to say Hugh doesn't like to keep an eye on things.