Department T: Hints and tips for Free Agents

This page is written in an in-universe style, and from the point of view of Department T
I have prepared this document to serve as a primer for new recruits on some of the less intuitive aspects of combat were time travel is involved, please try and cover its basic tenants when inducting new recruits.
- H.C.

A Spear will kill you just as dead as a lazergun

While it is true that the department has access to some of the most advanced weapons technology ever invented by mankind, its important to recognise that all weapons have a similar potential to end a human life. While we could outfit every team with captured Randall Optical Carbine's, this would draw undue attention to the team, would be nearly impossible to repair in the field and risks contaminating the time line, Futher, against most targets the additional stopping power of a lazer carbine is wasted. It is the Departments view that the rugged Webly Mark VI .455 Field Revolver is the best available weapon for time-travel, being inconspicuous, dependable, easy to repair and maintain while still retaining enough power to put down all but the most challenging targets in two shots. For the rare direct assault mission, the department has found that a high calibre assault rifle, such as the AK-47 is particularly effective. However, our policy is to give team leaders wide discretion when outfitting there men, and within reason most requests for weaponry will be granted.

Armour is a particular problem to the time traveller. While the modern Kevlar body armours are fairly effective at stopping modern firearms, they are next to useless against lazer weaponry and blunt forces. They are also of little use against flaming arrows. Powered armours are more capable, but draw undue attention to the team. It is therefore standard practice for most teams to go on mission without armour to make full use of there own agility and guile. Remember, the best defence against death is not to get shot at to begin with, and nothing says "I'm spoiling for fisticuffs" like turning up dressed like a stormtrooper.

Strange is often less conspicuous then slightly short of normal.

The Department realys on stealth to carry out most of its missions, some of you might be wondering, thefore, Why the Departments top Sharpshooter, Don Wright, goes on missions dressed in a sparkly white disco outfit. The Answer is a simple one. Eccentrics exist across time, by and large, someone who sense of dress is downright weird, will infact be less conspicuous then someone whos dressed just slightly off. A Buissness suit is an exceptionally good look for time travel. People might assume your oddly overdressed or backwards, but they are unlikely to flag you as a threat. Body armour, as noted above, is a big no no. Someone wereing armour is clearly expecting to be shot at, which is a good indicator that they might well be up to no good.

Fools Rush in, Time Travellers saunter.

There is rarely any call for rushing about, or juvenile shouts of "Go Go Go" or any other hustle/bustle. One of the things you must grasp, Time Travellers can arrive precisely when they are needed. So there is rarely cause to leave on a mission before it has been properly planned, or indeed, before you have had chance to finish today's Times Crossword. Indeed, its often wise to see how things will play out before decideing to get involved. Exceptions exist when the mission is directly related to the proliferation of time travel. Such a discovery can be hard to undo.

Is it somebody else's problem?

Accross time, there is always some Evil threatening to overthrow humanity, and there is useually some capable force for good native to the time capable of thwarting said evil. Wether they be the Knights of the Round Table, The British Army, Those encorageable Agency chaps or even my dear Grandson and his monkey. By and large we can leave the Sedis to deal with Sedi problems, we need only step in when enamy time travel is involved, or I suppose, when the people who aught to be dealing with something have failed to notice it, or cocked it up completely.